Monday, October 27, 2014

Fingerprint Identification

September 2014, Huawei has brought us a new Mate series --Ascend Mate 7, which is a has 6-inch screen, full metal body and experience a great fingerprint recognition products, from our Mate 7 of this trial and experience found that the performance of the aircraft can be called without tiphone 6 release date exaggeration the most outstanding works of Huawei over the years, so after Mate 7 release, we also have the line to interview the Ministry of Huawei's consumer business in China Zhu Ping, president, vice president of macbook Pro case Faroese week's Department of consumer Business in China, vice president of Huawei's consumer business and mobile product lines Bruce Lee, let us learn from their mouth behind the lower story Mate 7.
Question 1: macbook Air case we learned that China's three major carriers will have a customized version of the product, they are what specifically? What is the difference in functionality it?
Faroese Week: Inside Information in this release issued by now we Mate7 high version, in three versions, one is to support China Mobile's customized version of 4G, a 4G support China Telecom customized version, there is a special version of the dual-card dual 4G version, this version is two SIM cards can support two mobile 4G, or while supporting two Unicom's 4G, or a China Unicom and a moving 4G, "compatible" ability is very powerful. Is that, in the standard version now supports custom version of mobile telecommunications customized version, Unicom customized version, there is no double 4G, a total of six versions so.
Question 2: Standard Edition and Ultimate high version except there is no difference between the difference between hardware fittings or services on? We have seen in the press conference with active noise reduction headset flagship product sent it?
Faroese Week: iphone 6 With the exception of 3GB RAM + 32GB ROM, 2GB RAM + 16GB ROM, as well as the difference in color, the current is the same.
Bruce Lee: We gave high version packaged inside a user to send a high-level holster. But there is no active noise reduction headsets.
Question 3: So in form and design, we look at the back of the exposure when feeling a little like HTC One Max, then you learn something else which can be considered the manufacturer's design?
Bruce Lee: no. We Mate7 this product in order to achieve the ultimate compact this phone, how do compact? Hope this phone nothing except the screen is flat plus the four corners of a square, giving users as texture, metal area as large as possible, in front of this other than to meet several conditions, the screen as large as possible , border to as narrow as possible, as much as possible for holding the arc, including fingerprint identification, and ultimately to make a case.
Question 4: In the press conference, said Mate7 push fingerprint recognition is very fast, much faster than the 5S, because 5S to click to unlock, even if they do not need to install the plug by pressing escape will be able to unlock, but not as Mate7 speed, the fingerprint sensor is not pressed Mate exclusive? On the other Huawei products will not be applied to?
Bruce Lee: There is a possibility. For example, I would not say this is my fingerprint pioneered other product manager is not allowed to use, do not do that. Because each of our range of products target users, including market positioning is not the same, we will design the position according to user needs something.
Zhu Ping: Just Bruce Lee said very aptly, all of our technical reserves is certainly a common generic, in such a powerful technology platform for development and reserves, as to which series is used in which products, samsung 8.0 used in what technology and style, which is associated with the planning of the phone, although some cell phone is good, but not necessarily in the follow-up will be adopted, because it will involve all aspects, including product, user positioning, consumer groups, technology development, and these must be considered, but I am very optimistic about the Mate7 fingerprint payment, security of this solution, today opened the conference, many of my friends say this is one of the great highlights of this conference, I feel very shocked.

Into the PC + era

"Tonight's news conference was a signal Lenovo released from today's press conference, Lenovo will officially enter the PC + era, from the global PC market, Lenovo has captured 20% market share,
and has already begun with the public different. "CMO David Roman, senior vice president of Lenovo Group in an interview made ​​the above remarks.
Lenovo may use YOGA multimode plate two before the conference that attracted a lot of attention, iphone 6 release date in David's eyes, the sudden emergence of the Lenovo tablet belonging to a team, so the high-speed development but also a time beyond their expectations. To get behind the promotion of such results, David believes in the whole marketing process, a good product and the promotion of innovation can make work easier, good product design can bring a good product experience, good product experience can bring more word of mouth, letting the good word of mouth to promote the chain becomes more smoothly, thus forming a virtuous circle.
According to IDC data show that in 2014 the global tablet Q2 growth of 11% year on year, compared Lenovo Tablet year growth was 64.7%, far more than the market average. David said that the current PC + Pan tablet PC world, Lenovo and Apple's market share is only a difference of 0.7 percentage points, the global PC market, Lenovo is currently first in the near future, Lenovo tablet will also be the first global aspirations.
Whether YOGA flat macbook Pro case color will directly impact their other business, David has not evaded, he noted that the association, whether in the field or synchronized development of business in the consumer field, data from IDC, Lenovo's global market segments have a good development (equal area equivalent industry), the growth trend in all market segments, the growth of China's PC market is slowing, but the market is very large growth in Europe, to ensure that the needs of different geographical balanced development of the business association. From another perspective, the growth of China's PC market, although slowing, but China's smart phone market has ushered in the explosive growth. Therefore, from a global point of view, Lenovo's global multi-business model to ensure the balanced development of overall business association.
In the same competition in the industry, the association for its own strategic very confident, on the one hand a solid advantage of existing PC market, on the other hand develop more opportunities in emerging markets. For now, the Lenovo apart from its competitors is the biggest advantage of our capabilities in product innovation, which is why we enter the high-end market confidence lies. In characteristic high-end market, consumers prefer to use some sense of design and distinctive products, as Lenovo's design in terms of its position in the world are growing, these products can satisfy high-end market demand, such as the release of our multi-mode PC, tablet with a projection function, are good examples.
Lenovo Group's multi-brand strategy, David believes, Think brand represents the trust and tenacity, and YOGA represents a new way of life, these sub-brands face different market segments, in the face of different types of consumers, but they all belong to the association, the same product line as the sub-brand is part of Lenovo's balanced development strategy. If the entire company branding perspective, the association would like to transfer the idea is the global association of the spirit of innovation, while YOGA series has just fully reflected this. From the sales point of view, each region and each segment has a breakdown of the promotion will be conducted in accordance with local characteristics.
David said, in product design, Lenovo will become different from today, and this is an important symbol of the difference to other competitors. In the dissemination of the form, macbook Pro case will make more changes, such as this conference is in London and Beijing at the same time, but also in the social media and the official website will be broadcast live worldwide. Lenovo hopes to existing fans and users communicate to gather feedback on the product, to issue more voices for the association, which has more fans and users, so that every fans and users become Lenovo spokesperson.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Apple macbook Pro case easy interface into the front area

Dell Vostro 3902 has a variety of configurations of products for professional users choose, this came PConline evaluation room Product Details Model Vostro 3902 D17M001: it pre-installed ubuntu operating system, equipped with a frequency of 3.4GHz Intel Core i3-4130 dual nuclear power plant thread processor, apple macbook Pro case built-in Intel HD Graphics 4400 graphics core and 1GB of video memory with desktop-class AMD Radeon HD8490 graphics card; storage of 2GB DDR3 RAM, and 500GB HDD mechanical hard disk combinations.
According to a desktop computer usage, desktop host will usually be placed under the desk, it's not like a notebook as a long-term "exposure" in front of the user, not taking into account the thickness of the product, whether fashion and many other issues, too much attention to these areas will only increase product development, manufacturing costs, and ultimately will be passed on to consumers, so the appearance of commercial desktop host computer after several years of development, and there is not much the appearance / color of innovation.
Scalability, the Dell Vostro 3902 standardized access panel design, apple macbook Pro case easy interface into the front area, and require long-term post-connection interface area, both carry out their duties. Rear interface areas are mainly used to connect the power supply, display devices, wired network, keyboard, mouse, etc. require long-term connection to use interface, and the front area is convenient interface for connecting headphones, USB storage and other equipment. In addition, the Dell Vostro 3902 also includes a DVD burner.
Dell Vostro 3902 is not just a desktop host, apple macbook Pro case it also comes standard with a random Dell E2414Ht widescreen 24-inch display, the screen resolution of physics 1920 × 1080, is the most mainstream of the size of the monitor display resolution. In the Windows operating system default settings, resolution 1920 × 1080 can render the most appropriate font size, to meet business users long for text input and review of copywriting needs. And the screen is anti-glare screen, so you can direct light or strong case can also see the screen content.

Lenovo protoss Erazer X510 launched at the end of 2013

Lenovo protoss Erazer X510 launched at the end of 2013, this came PConline evaluation room Erazer X510 detailed configuration is: apple macbook Pro case run 64 Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, text, equipped with a frequency of 3.4GHz Intel Core i5-4670K processors, with 2GB DDR5 video memory NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 graphics card; storage using 8GB memory + 1TB HDD mechanical hard combination, can guarantee a larger operation and storage space to meet the needs of current mainstream gamers.
First saw Erazer X510 was attracted by its cool black exterior, it does not use the more popular nowadays mini chassis design, but retains the domineering size and weight, it is angular like a tough guy. Erazer X510 body side is Blizzard custom themes appearance (Night Elf and Orc), a Erazer Y410P notebook cover is the use of "World of Warcraft" Illidan shape before I think of the impression, by the young Chinese "World of Warcraft" players favorite.
Erazer X510 has a front panel similar to "mask" design, opened it, and hard disk recorders can see extended storage, users can expand the storage space through it, and the hot-swappable hard disk storage expansion, as like mobile hard disk. On the mask side and lower side are two backlight efficient design, when users open or switch "a key overclocking" to switch light color, I would back it in detail.
In order to be more user-friendly, macbook Pro case Erazer X510 is not connected to the front area of ​​the front panel is set, but the body placed in the front cover, the user can readily headphones, U disk and other peripherals into the front feeder area , no longer need to stoop looking interface. And the front feeder area is also hidden beneath a slide when the user does not need to connect peripherals can close the slide, so as not to affect the uniformity and cool.
In the front area of ​​the rear feeder is a concave handle design, I wonder if we have not encountered such a situation, that is, when the host can not start moving the desktop, without a proper focal point, ultimately, with both hands encircling the chest, Erazer X510 Given this situation, the design position into the empty shape, corner after special treatment will not scratch the hand when pulling will be quite comfortable.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Technical understand human?

Humane, is always the pursuit of the highest level of products, "smart" does not simply mean faster computing speeds, they should be smart and know your little partner, not just a bunch of cold components.
The rapid development of sensors, chips, mobile Internet technologies allow to realize more and more low cost, many smart devices into the errors "flip technology" - the accumulation of techniques to obtain marketing gimmick, as these technologies really are users need to experience it does not care.
Therefore, we are looking for a purely a functional product, often very hard to find, see, always accompanied format focused on a variety of functional products, so sometimes really feel wasted, obviously not the function macbook Air case was imposed on it, and the price will rise, and if they can like this smart glass, like, let us feel life is so simple and beautiful original enough.
When you use this smart glass to drink water, it will record the amount you drink, do not drink when you're a long time, LED lights will slowly bring the cup on the lights to remind you that drink. This is not a rigid regularly reminded, but according to the intelligence of your age, gender, and the amount of water carried reminder, at the right time to gently remind you. For some often busy workaholic who forget to drink water, a glass of water so water is not only a tool that can give you a warm and prompt. macbook Pro case
In life, only your closest family members or people will remind you remember to drink water, but it put this emotion, good use of smart glass has survived, is not he felt a warm ah!

Solid effort from Seagal.

The Keeper: Seagal's delivers another film. The regularity of his releases brings a sense of excitement (well, to Seagal's fans anyway) but also trepidation. Will it have dubbing? Will it have doubling? Will it just plain old suck? On the most part, Seagal's DTV release normally tick a yes to all those questions. In recent years, Pistol Whipped and Renegade Justice were watchable exceptions. Pistol Whipped in particular was almost worthy of Seagal films of old. His last two have been pretty poor. Kill Switch was abysmal, while Driven To Kill was mediocre, suffering from lacklustre direction, poor cast, an all too whispery Seagal, and terrible editing. So does the Keeper deliver? On the whole…yes! Okay, this film isn't great by any stretch. But it's serviceable, and it kicks ass as well. Seagal actually has a bit of character in this, and shows off a bit more of the charisma that made him a star. As well as that, the co-stars are better than in his last few films, while the previous company he worked with, for Kill Switch, and Driven To Kill, has a reputation for half-assing. At least for The Keeper, there's a greater sense of effort to make something that delivers for the fans.

The Keeper opens with a worrying start. Dubbing! Oh dear lord! Not dubbing. However it's just in the beginning few lines, and in truth it's a couple of lines that are really needlessly added in. There was only one other moment later in the film I noticed any, but again, it was pointlessly added in. Mr Stand in still gets some screen time of course, but not that much. I'm also pretty sure, Seagal's double was given a supporting role in the film as another character, because one of the cast looks like he could double for Seagal for behind shots.

But anyway, The Keeper is a Seagal film, and first and foremost, it needs to kick ass. And it does. The action has a bit of punch to it. The gun fights are quick and punchy, while the fights are bone-breaking and violent. Sometimes in Seagal films, they stretch the action scenes out, and make them dull, when short and snappy would be better, particularly in hiding the budget. Generally here, the action is short and to the point. The only problem is, that the film could have done with more action, as the pace drags at times. There aren't many fights, but they are tightly edited, and Seagal beats the hell out of the bad guys. There's not quite some of the ingenuity to the fights that we saw in Pistol Whipped, which is a shame. TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS

Keoni Waxman does a service-able job in direction. He's got more of an eye for direction than Seagal's previous director, Jeff King (who's first name is actually Wan). Truthfully he never does anything beyond okay, but in DTV land, that can be a blessing. And in fairness to him, he never does anything that's too lame. Seagal himself seems more interested in what he's doing here. He's back to his badass self, and showing some charisma again too. He won't be winning any Oscars, but at least there is some sort of character for him, and the film manages to throw in some moments of humour too. His last couple of films were slightly wretched to be honest. Elsewhere, the music is not too bad, and the film is his best looking one for a while (the main disappointment on Pistol Whipped was that it was shot on Super 16). IPAD MINI CASE FOR KIDS

Overall though, this is a decent DTV film. It delivers what you'd expect. Some action, and some badassedness. The plot is simple, and again, for Seagal, that is better. No CIA intrigue sub plots to drag the film down. It also avoids the usual Seagal, revenge line, that's become a little tiresome for him. Early on in the film there's a few moments in the plotting that are just really, really (and I mean really) dumb, but they don't really drag the film down too much. At least The Keeper delivers the minimum you'd want and expect from Seagal. As for Seagals next two DTV specials, he'll be back with director, Keoni Waxman, which is a good sign. On The Run looks more action packed, so hopefully won't suffer the pacing issues of this film. It might lack some of the character of this one though.

Sly's time machine. Lets go back to the 80's!!

Ever since the film was first announced, way back in November 2008, Stallone's action ensemble spectacular, The Expendables, has been in the forefront of every genre fans mind since. Starting with the triple casting of Stallone, Statham and Li, it was awesome enough. Then add Lundgren, Rourke, Austin, Couture, Gary Daniels and Eric Roberts, and it sent fans into delirium. Then throw in a dash of Bruce Willis and Ahnuld Schwarzenegger, and bed sheets in explosive action movie poster adorned bedrooms around the world, were soiled! So after a year and a half plus, of waiting, does it deliver? Yes! The plot is kept very simple. There's no real surprise in the film, but fans aren't here for storyline. Better too simple, than to make things too bogged down in convoluted sub-plot. Sly leads his team of good guys, against Eric Roberts team of bad guys. The mission goes wrong at first, leading to the capture of the beautiful Sandra, a native who acts as contact for Sly's band of mercs at the mission locale. Sly decides it's in his best interests to go back on perhaps a suicide mission, to try and save the girl. His team join him for the last harruh.

The film is short and loaded with characters. As such there's not too much development on any of them, especially peripheral roles. Stallone is the glue that holds the film together. Sly has great chemistry with everyone here. There's a sense of vulnerability about Barney Ross, and a sense of personal struggle here. Stallone's hound dog eyes bringing the soul of the character through, despite little in the writing, or the mumbled dialogue that suggests it. Statham as Lee Christmas is also solid. His arc comes from a somewhat needless subplot with his on-off girl friend. That extends to little more than him coming back one day to find she has a new boyfriend, and then coming back later to find new boyfriend, has smacked her around. It's Frank Martin again in truth, with the deep raspy drawl and erratic Brit-American accent shift again in evidence. But I don't care, because Statham is badass and that's what counts. He's got presence. Jet Li seems utterly redundant in the film though. Serving little purpose and given no dimension.

The characters, with limited arcs devoted to each, mean that the more theatrical roles stand out. Mickey Rourkes brief appearance is excellent as Tool, a former Expendable. Mickey gets to swoop in and steal all his scenes, and none more so than his monologue, that in part provides Ross a catalyst to risk it all to save Sandra, and his soul. Rourke nails it, giving Tool's character a sense of tragedy and poignancy. He's a ghost of a man now. By the same token, Dolph Lundgren manages to upstage his co-stars when he gets screen time. Gunnar Jensen is unpredictable, uncontrollable and difficult to read. In one hand he likes to play the joker, but there's darkness and intensity behind the façade. Years of too many drugs and too many kills have taken their toll, and Lundgren embodies the character brilliantly. Like Rourke, you just wish there was more, especially as Li, Crews and Couture (they do well with what little they have though) have even less depth and impact. Retrospectively, two or three could have been trimmed from the cast, to devote more time to Stallone and Statham's characters, and especially Rourke and Lundgren. Elsewhere Eric Roberts delivers a vintage Roberts bad guy. It's easy, yet perfect casting and he revels in chewing his scenery. Stone Cold adds menace, while B-movie veteran Gary Daniels delivers his best performance ever, with the benefit of having real direction for the first time. It's a small role but his performance reaches competence for the first time, while his fight with Li and Statham is memorable.

The big selling point of this film of course, is action. There's plenty of it. The opening is all too brief, seemingly trimmed down, so an extended DVD release may deliver even more carnage. Still, it packs a punch and sets the violent tone of the film. Then there's an array of vehicular set pieces and fights, before the finale. The finale is what will really have 80's action fans cart-wheeling with joy. It's nearly half an hour of unrelenting, old school, carnage! Like a combination of Commando, Invasion USA, Red Scorpion and Rambo 2 and 3's end action scenes, it's insane, and brilliant. It's a total antithesis to most modern action films too. We've all the classics here, brutal fights, gung-ho attitude, explosions (and jumping away from) and although grounded, with a sense of unreal, Reagan era glee. ipad 4 case for kids

In all, The Expendables delivers what fans will want. Unashamed, 80's style carnage. It's not one for the critics, who'll continue to judge on plot and character, and dismiss a need for a movie 20 years outdated, but it's for the fans and on the whole, will delight. There is a sense that dramatic moments are forced in, but that was also a trait of the 80's action film in any case, and the now completely unsurprising scene with Willis, Stallone and Arnold has lost any enigma for first time viewers, which is a shame. The scene is still a geeks delight though, and brimming with star power. Despite some faults, the film has plenty of star power and charm to ride on. In a strange way, the faults just seem to make it feel a little more 80's and add more to the charm. It's just great to watch an old school action film again, and to see a collection of tough guys doing their thing. The Expendables does what it says on the tin, and for that, Stallone deserves thanks and praise. Roll on the Extended cut on DVD!  HDX 7 CASE