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Allen Iverson (first team), Kobe Third Team

From the best team, the best defensive team look after Michael Jordan retired the previous first SG, second SG?
98-99 season: Allen Iverson (first team), Kobe Third Team
99-00 season: Kobe Bryant (second team + Defensive First Team), Iverson Cheap Retro Jordans Second Team
00-01 season: Allen Iverson (first team), Kobe Bryant + Defensive Second Team Second Team
01-02: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive Second Team), Iverson Second Team()
02-03 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Madison First Team
03-04 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Madison Second Team
2004-05 season: Iverson (first team), Wade Second Team
05-06 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Wade Second Team
06-07: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Arenas Second Team
2007-08 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Madison (Cheap Jordan)Third Team
08-09: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Wade First Team + Defensive Second Team
09-10: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Wade First Team + Defensive Second Team
10-11 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive First Team), Wade Second Team
11-12 season: Kobe Bryant (First Team + Defensive Second Team), Wade Third Team
12-13 season: Kobe Bryant (first team), Wade Third Team
13-14 season: Harden (first team), this season, Harden SG only selected the best team, watching Wade is not easy, barely the title of the second SG to him.
As can be seen from the 16 season, only Kobe Bryant(Cheap Jordans), Allen Iverson, and Harden had been the first SG. Bryant 12 season was elected the first SG (Bryant also was named general manager of the season for 12 consecutive seasons first SG), elected two seasons second SG, dominant force in the back line can not shake. Iverson had been the first SG 3 seasons, and two seasons of the second SG. Harden had been the first SG 1 season. Wade had been a second SG 8 season. As McGrady striker identity is sometimes selected the best team, and he selected the best team to guard the identity of the time had been three times second SG. Seen in this light after Michael Jordan retired SG ranking should be:
1 Bryant
2 Iverson
3 Wade
4 Madison
5 Harden (25 years old, in the best years of his career, in this age, when Kobe Bryant has won 30 + 6.9 + 5.9 data, took three-Defensive First Team First Team +3)

Cheap Retro Jordans

ZTNBA CEO: Yao Ming and Michael Jordan as precious, without him there would be no NBA in China todayShanghai is currently busy with activities related to the NBA China Games president
Adam - Silverstone in an interview said he miss Yao Ming, Yao Ming is only one
world, just as there is only one - Michael Jordan.
"NBA's ultimate dream is to develop into the world's first sport of basketball,
and any item you want to achieve this goal, we must first become China's first."
"(2004 inaugural NBA China Games) At the time the Rockets have Yao Ming,
but the game scene is somewhat quiet, and even shoes squeak friction floor,
can hear clearly. Obviously, the fans are not so understanding NBA (Cheap
), Yao Ming and the only high profile all-star players are more familiar
with. when should applaud or cheer, they are not too clear if back then, and
I certainly can not believe NBA can achieve such rapid development in China.
now, we no longer have to worry about the game when the arena will be as quiet.
"I officially took office in June, Yao Ming announced his retirement in
July. For a time, the phone was full of friends and family SMS and asked me
if I was very sorry to accept the job." As Silverstone's important, "arm",
NBA China CEO (Cheap Retro Jordans)
Shu Dewei clearly remember the summer of 2011 they had experienced inner torment.
He admitted that the inevitable loss and apprehension, but subsequent work so
that he soon gives "no regret" answer. "Although Yao left the
stadium, but did not leave the basketball, he fulfilled promises made ?in the
retirement ceremony remains committed to the popularization and promotion of
basketball, we are then found in the dynamic cooperation and confidence to move
It seems at Silverstone, Yao Ming for the NBA Development in China plays an
irreplaceable role, but the pace of the league before the line and will not
stop because of an individual.
"Yes, we miss Yao Ming, Yao Ming, but there is only one, just as there
is only one Michael Jordan." Him to the NBA, "Houqiao Dan era"
as the analogy, "When Michael Jordan (Cheap
)retired, people think NBA will never again achieve his brilliant
that era, but the fact that the development of the Alliance beyond the year.
Likewise, Yao Ming just open a window, so that more Chinese fans into the NBA,
and our development of basketball 'dream' in China, . has only just begun, "the
interpretation of this" just the beginning "of the dream, Silverstone
tells one in connotation:" For the NBA, the project development and commercial
operations are two sides of the coin, both indispensable but if you want two.
those sort of project development must be standing in the front. "he said
the next NBA primary goal in China, will continue to promote the development
of the basketball program. "Let the young people feel more attractive basketball,
reaching the purpose of educating people through the sport when we better promote
the development of the entire project, naturally, will be able to do business."
"If Yao sitting here, he would agree with everything I said." Silverstone
said, "We are hoping that young people across China in basketball to get
healthy, happy, and not just for the game, or achievements. on the basis of
this big goals, strive to enhance the professional team level, to achieve a
win-win and business partners.

Acer Iconia A1 tablet arrives as low-cost iPad mini rival

The Acer Iconia A1 has just been officially unveiled by the Taiwanese firm sporting a form factor which could rival the KIDS IPAD 4 CASE and a price which will make your bank manager very happy.
Acer Iconia A1
Packing a 7.9-inch, 1024 x 768 display the screen on the Iconia A1 is the same size and resolution as found on Apple's pint sized tab, and Acer's new slate doesn't shy away in the power stakes either with a 1.2GHz quad-core processor under the hood.
In terms of other specs the Iconia A1 rocks up with a 5MP rear facing camera, 8GB and 16GB storage options, microSD slot, Wi-Fi, optional 3G, Bluetooth 4.0 and a couple of connectivity ports in the form of microUSB and microHDMI.
Acer Iconia A1 tablet arrives as low-cost iPad mini rival
At 410g the Acer Iconia A1 is going to be noticeably heavier than its Apple competition, plus the 11.1mm thick chassis makes this tablet one of the chunkier options on the market. ipad 4 CASE for kids
Acer Iconia A1
Rumours surrounding this tablet suggest the Iconia A1 will run Android 4.2 Jelly Bean, although this detail hasn't been released by Acer yet - we'll get it confirmed as soon as possible.
The real killer spec on the A1 though is its price. The tablet is set to hit stores this month with the Wi-Fi only version starting at £149.99 (around $220/AU$216), while the 3G version will be available from £209.99 (around $287/AU$280).
So it may not just be the IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS which needs to watch its back, but also the likes of the Google Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire HD and Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0.
There's more from the firm too, with the 7-inch Iconia B1 tablet receiving a quick nip and tuck procedure to give it a fresh new look.
It's not just an aesthetical make-over though with Acer also doing some tinkering under the hood with the addition of a 3G option and 1GB of RAM - up from 512MB in the original.
If you thought the A1 was coming in at a low price then be prepared to be seriously impressed with the pricing of the Acer Iconia B1. The Wi-Fi version starts at £109.99 (around $169/AU$165) while the 3G enabled slate can be picked up from £129.99 (around $235/AU$229).

iPad 3 apps being readied by Apple

IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS is reportedly selecting apps to showcase on its new iPad 3 at the tablet's launch event in March according.
The Next Web has been informed of the details thanks to various sources and it reports that Apple is in "crunch mode" – lining up apps to demonstrate on the iPad 3 at launch and in its new advertisements.
We can expect the selected apps to feature stand-out qualities which will showcase the new features on the iPad 3 - instantly turning the fanatical crowd into a pool of uncontrollable ecstasy-ridden Apple ultras.

iPad 3 apps being readied by Apple

It is looking more and more likely that we will see the iPad 3 in early March and this is sure to excite the Apple faithful beyond belief.
The tablet market is set to hot up in 2012 with a range of new slates expected to get an outing at IPAD MINI 2 CASE FOR KIDS in Barcelona and it will be interesting to see how they match-up to the iPad 2, let alone the iPad 3.
Varying rumours on possible specs for the iPad 3 have been doing the rounds for some time, so we have made it easy and rolled them into one comprehensive video for your viewing pleasure. TAB 4 CASE FOR KIDS

Love Tetris? Then check out these iPhone and iPad block-stacking games

From the moment Tetris escaped its original home, an obscure Elektronika 60 in Moscow's Dorodnicyn Computing Centre, it became something of a phenomenon. There can be few games as immediately recognisable, addictive and enduring as the block-stacking classic.
Tetris originated from creator Alexey Pajitnov's childhood fascination with traditional puzzle toys, and the game's similarly elegant simplicity ensured it a place among gaming's greats.
Like other classics, it's easy to understand: pieces you can move and rotate fall into a well; make solid horizontal lines and they vanish; the game's over when the pieces reach the top. But also, Tetris is tough to truly master, allowing you to refine your technique over time.
The basic nature of Tetris also ensured that it found its way to countless platforms. The MS-DOS version spread Tetris to the west, but the true genius moment in Tetris history was in being bundled with the original Game Boy. The little monochrome version captivated the world; from that point on, there was no stopping it.
The Tetris juggernaut arrived on home consoles, handhelds, keychains and even the original click-wheel iPod. Of course, it's also found on iOS. EA's now had two cracks at bringing Tetris to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, and the original effort wasn't convincing. A problem with Tetris from an iOS standpoint is the game's reliance on responsive digital controls as the game speeds up. On-screen swipe equivalents never stood a chance.
For the newer version of Tetris (69p, iPhone; £1.99, IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS, the swipe version remains as Marathon Mode, but we prefer One-Touch. This mode shows locations into which the current piece can fit. A timer counts down (and speeds up as the game progresses) and you tap a location to confirm, or tap elsewhere to get more options. Purists might baulk at such a radical departure from the original controls, but we reckon the iOS revision gives you the strategy of Tetris without the frustration of imprecise touch controls.
There's also the puzzle-oriented Galaxy Mode where you dig down through junk, although it's a touch too reliant on power ups to achieve the best times - and the power-ups are, naturally, bought with In-App Purchases.
With Tetris being so popular, it should come as no surprise the App Store's littered with clones, which are typically brazen in their approach, only occasionally doing something slightly different (for example, adding the odd non-standard shape), presumably in an effort to not be sued. KIDS IPAD 4 CASE
Dream of Pixels
Therefore, we're only interested in block-stacking games that do something unique, rather like Dream of Pixels (£1.99, Universal). On the face of it, you might question our judgement, since Dream of Pixels looks an awful lot like an upside-down Tetris; in reality, it's Tetris in reverse, with you using the familiar shapes to take chunks out of a menacing cloud, which ends your game if it gets to the bottom of the screen.
However, what appears to be a cunning riff on Tetris in reality plays very differently, and interesting bonuses and game modes ensure Dream of Pixels is a must-have for action-puzzle fans.
Of the remaining titles in our HDX 7 CASE, there's Tetris in the DNA, but also crossover with match games. The key differentiator from the likes of gem-swapper Bejeweled is that our choices all take place in an endlessly refilling well.
Some efforts simplify the basic block-stacking premise:Shibuya (69p, iPhone) has only a single column, and you must rapidly create chains of two or more like-coloured blocks.
Meanwhile, Unify (£1.49, iPhone) returns shapes that spin and move, but has them come at you from two directions. Fortunately, Unify's limited to stubby rectangles with two coloured pieces (a system Puyo Puyo fans will immediately recognise), and instead of forming complete lines, you're tasked with grouping four identically coloured squares, which subsequently explode. At first, this is simple, but once the game speeds up and gives you a half-dozen colours to track, it's like combining stripped-down Tetris with juggling.

Skype for iPad finally on the way

The Apple KIDS IPAD 4 CASE is finally going to get its own Skype application and, on first impressions, it looks every bit like the app we've all been waiting for.
The news, which was officially confirmed later, came in the form of a leaked promo video showcasing the iPad iteration in all its beautifully-designed glory.
Following the leak, TUAW called-up Skype VP of Consumer and Product Design Rick Osterloh who said the app was coming soon and is currently in the test phase.
No release date has been confirmed.
Skype for iPad finally on the way
Osterloh says the Skype app would offer the same functionality as the iPhone iteration, which experienced "a userbase that doubled in just a month's time."
He expects the IPAD MINI 2 CASE FOR KIDS to "experience similar success."
Until now ipad 4 case for kids owners have been able to access the iPhone version of Skype, blowing it up to full the screen and dealing bad resolution and an over-sized iPhone keyboard.
An official Skype app, complete with video calls, voice calls and IM with a tablet-optimised design will be a massive bonus for the legions of Skype users who also rock and Apple iPad.
You can see the audio-less promo video, that some quick-on-the-draw YouTube user ripped from the web, below.

LinkedIn launches on iPad

Business social network LinkedIn has launched an app for the ipad 5 case The new app announced on the LinkedIn official blog by Senior Product Manager, Manish Sharma follows the comparatively late release of the iPhone, Android and mobile web versions launched last August
The app takes full advantage of the iPads Multi-touch and the new Retina display and according to Sharma was "handcrafted to provide the most engaging experience for our iPad users by shining a spotlight on the essential information they need throughout the day".
The app allows users access to all of the features the other mobile platforms have been used to using including; updates, news, groups, who's viewed my profile, your LinkedIn profile, search, Inbox and includes the usual search box
LinkedIn launches on iPad
The iPad app is broken down into three IPAD 4 CASE FOR KIDS:
1) All Updates: Get a snapshot of your professional updates, news, and information all in one place
2) You: Access your profile, connections and activity dashboard with a quick swipe
3) Inbox: Send and receive your LinkedIn invitations and messages in one place
For those who don't like apps, LinkedIn have also rolled out a new mobile web experience for the Safari browser on IPAD AIR CASE FOR KIDS available on the LinkedIn tablet pages.